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Vincente R. Benito, Jr.

Architect and Independent Consultant to MAYCON Asia


Phone: +63 (0) 2890 7988


Key Qualifications:


While studying as freshman in U.P. Diliman, Arch. Jun Benito was invited to work in the firm of Arch. Froilan Hong, who at that time was working on the prestigious Metro Manila Film Center. This apprenticeship continued in the next two years allowing Arch. Benito to gain valuable experience in the profession of Architecture and in the intricacies of building design.


Upon graduating from U.P., Arch. Benito immediately got employed in the firm of Arch. Roberto P. Ocampo. In this firm, he undertook the design and management of several high-end residential projects in prestigious villages around Metro Manila. While at this firm Arch. Benito took the Architectural Board exams which resulted in a 14th position among 300+ Board takers.


Arch. Benito proceeded to get design commissions following his induction as a Professional Architect. Some of the more prominent clientele include PIATCO, GlobeGround Inc., Paircargo, Cathay Pacific, Diversion Industries Inc., Werdenberg International corp., J.V. Angeles Group of Companies, Global Restaurant Group, Asiaco, Specialty Beans Phils. Inc., Gold’s Gym Phils., and numerous other clients. It is important to note that the services rendered for these clients not only include Architectural Design but Interior Design as well.


To date, many of the same clients listed above continue to use the services of Arch. Benito in their many Architectural service requirements. These same clients continue to enjoy the full spectrum of professional architectural services in all their design needs. The firm continues to delve into different design opportunities and wish to continue expanding its expertise in the many facets of the Architectural Profession.




Secondary: La Salle Greenhills

College: University of the Philippines, Diliman, Q.C. (1987)

Registrations: Registered Architect PRC 9849

UAP No. 5880



Employment Record




Senior Architect – Arch. Roberto P. Ocampo and Assoc.


1997 to Present


Principal Architect/Senior Designer – V.R. Benito Architectural Services


1996 –2003


Managing Partner/Principal Architect – ( Cheng & Benito Designs Co. ) Ninoy Aquino International Airport (International Passenger Teminal 3)




Design meetings proceeded with Arch. Benito including consultants: SOM of San Francisco, Pacific Consultants, Inc., Lufthansa consultants, Takenaka. Arch. Benito worked closely with Engr. Lamberto Un Ocampo (Facilities Manager) during the whole process;




Arch. Benito made ocular visits to various Asian airports which included, Hong Kong Airport, Singapore Airport;




Construction begins. Construction schedule of 27

months was established. Arch. Benito worked closely with Arch. Karl May (Project Manager) on a day-to-day basis. Arch. Benito is part of the Operations Group, Design Group and Construction group with multiple meetings and inspections on a daily basis;




Arch. Benito made guided tour visits of Hong Kong and Lufthansa, Thailand catering facilities in preparation of possible catering facility for IPT 3;




Arch. Benito visited various supplier facilities to check on out-of-site fabrication facilities for the IPT 3 project. Visits included facilities in Bangkok Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam;




Arch. Benito is appointed to design the common areas for the commercial space areas in IPT 3. Arch. Benito also heads the commercial design group that monitors the identification and delineation of spaces for concessionaires, airline offices and airport related offices. Arch. Benito works hand in hand with RMJM who was appointed to do some of the design features (i.e. signages, color theme, concessionaire design guideline, etc.);




Arch. Benito appointed Proj. Manager of IPT 3 and is tasked to foresee remaining remedial works, repairs and remaining works of Takenaka.